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Is Team GPP™ for me?

Whether you are interested in completing your very first 5k or you are a paid professional athlete – Whether your passion includes single sport endurance events, obstacle course races, or long course triathlons – No matter your passion, Team GPP™ is for you! Team GPP is a team of everyday athletes using their fitness to serve them.  EVERYMAN Athlete℠!!! Team GPP™ is built on community as this is the key of what drives GPP's core.  


It all begins and sustains with community.  All coaches live and work here in Northwest Arkansas and have been highly involved in service to the active NWA community.  While currently most of the team’s athletes reside here in NWA, we have already started to grow nationally and even internationally.  Even though we are now beyond borders, our GPP® community has only become stronger as we all follow the GPP® mandated goals of preparing you to live life through optimal health, to create the capacity for you to endure, and encourage a healthy active future for all.  

What we do

Team GPP™ will continue to build upon a successful solid team foundation of endurance athletes that are highly focused and committed to the following 3 foundations of Team GPP™ membership:

  • Be an ambassador of the GPP Training Center™ and GPP Cycling™ Bike Shops
  • Promote GPP Training Center™ as the hub of  Training & Endurance
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 team approved events as well as volunteer at 2 GPP.Events™ per calendar year

Although we do encourage you to join our GPP Training Center™ (on site) as an active member and/or choose to become a coached GPP Endurance™ athlete, it is not required. 

“Never say you are not an athlete because at GPP® we believe you are always challenging yourself to become a better "YOU" through an active healthy lifestyle.  Therefore you are an Athlete.  All it takes is for you to BELIEVE!!!”

                                                                           -Kevin F. Whaley

                                                        Owner GPP Cycling™ LLC





Team GPP and Triple Threat racing Have joined together into one Team!  The transition has started and both teams will now be Racing under the TTR name with GPP Cycling™ Shops as a main sponsor and GPP Training Center as its new Home!

USAT Official Club Certificate

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