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The team will have a maximum number of 100 active adult (18+) athletes here in the NWA area. There is also 25 national/international spots available.

Step One: Commit
Commit to the 3 foundations of Team GPP™:

  1. Be an ambassador of the GPP Cycling™, GPP Training Center™, and a healthy lifestyle
  2. Promote GPP Training Center™ as the hub of Training & Endurance
  3. Participate in a minimum of 2 team approved events as well as volunteer at 2 GPP.Events™ per calendar year

Although we do encourage you join the GPP Training Center™ (on site) as an active member and/or choose to become a coached GPP Endurance™ athlete, it is not required. 

Out of area athletes are expected to participate in 2 events that are local to where they live, as well as volunteer at 2 charitable events per year.

Step Two: Apply

  1. Submit a team application: Team Application
  2. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified of your status.
  3. If you receive an email of acceptance on the team, it will be in a “tentative status until you pay your team fee.  In the email of acceptance you will find a link to pay your team fee (GPP Endurance™ coached athletes, you will receive a comp code). Once your team fee payment is complete your team status will be in confirmed status at the time.
  4. Team Fee for  Adult 18+: $85/roster year
  5. Roster year will run December 1st of the current year (2016) to December 31st of the following year (2017) as this will allow for the team to actively rollover or bring in new athletes without a gap/hard cut off of team community ​
    • ​Any application received beyond the allocation of slots will be on a waiting list for potential opening slots
    • Team GPP™ will always accept new applications to act upon if slots do become available.