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Team GPP™ brings very effective advertising and promotion opportunities for all sponsors

Athletes: Our team has a well-rounded variety of athletes that span from kids, teens, age group adults w/family, and elite age group athletes striving for Kona.  They range from all walks of life and participate in life-changing fitness, distance walking, 5K's, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Mountain Climbing, all distances of Triathlon, Marathon running, swimming, warrior dash, etc.  Team GPP™ sponsors can gain a mass market exposure from many different types of athletes.

Clinics:  GPP Endurance™ will hold specific clinics targeted on specific parts of a triathlon/duathlon/endurance transitions and preparations for a race.  This will present specific sponsors the opportunity to present their products as a primary during those clinics.

Team: Team GPP™ continues to build a solid team of adult endurance athletes and youth/junior athletes that are highly focused on the 3 foundations of Team GPP.  With this focus, Team GPP will produce a high ROI from those key sets of core focused requirements. 

Community: This is the key of what drives GPP's core.  It begins with community.  Therefore Team GPP™ will be a continuing carryover of this foundation.  All coaches and athletes live in the NWA community and have been highly involved in service to the active NWA community.  We follow our GPP mandated goals of preparing you to live life through optimal health...create the capacity for you to endure...encourage a healthy future for all.  Thus creating a strong foundation and strong ties in the community for our sponsors. 

Races/Events:  Team GPP™ members are required to participate in a minimum of 2 local events and volunteer in 2 EVERYMAN Series events event per the calendar year.  This brings the community involvement and exposure expected for our sponsors.

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