Ironman Racine Award
GPP Endurance

Athlete Verification Cards

Swag & Perks


  • Team GPP™ 2017 Team T-shirt
  • Team GPP™ JUNK Band
  • ​Team GPP™ Luggage Tag
  • Team GPP™ V-Tag bike number holder
  • Initial 2017 Team GPP Official Uniform purchase at Cost
  • Additional Team wearables available to purchase at a 10% off team discount
  • GPP® Water Bottle (Team GPP™, GPP Endurance™, or GPP Cycling™ Style)
  • A wheelset combo of Team GPP™ Bike Wheel Logos
  • Bike Helmet Logos
  • Swim Cap
  • Team GPP™ Car Decal (by request)

​*most Swag is limited to the first 100 team members


  • Coached group training sessions throughout the year
  • 5 punch “digital punch card” - day pass to the GPP Training Center™ which also includes access to our indoor specialized workouts
  • GPP Endurance™ Training Retreat - open only to GPP Endurance™ athletes & Team GPP™ athletes (at no additional cost)
  • Team GPP™ 'New Bike' Discount - Details available to members only through Coach Kevin (New update on this coming Soon!)
  • 10% Discount on gear, nutrition, equipment, and wearables at GPP Cycling™ Shops
  • 10% Discount on nutrition coaching services
    • Free Initial Consultation on weight loss or performance nutrition per year
  • 10% Discount on Performance Bike Fits
    • Non GPP Coached Endurance Athletes:
      • 10% Discount on Swim Lessons
      • 10% Discount on additional coaching services (doesn't include coaching packages)
      • 10% Discount on performance test services
  • Discount on Races (Codes emailed to Team Athletes)
  • 15% Discount on purchases as Rush Running Co. Rogers, Bentonville & Fayetteville Locations
  • Dedicated Team Facebook group page and Website
  • Team Community & Social Events
  • And someone who always knows your name...

*Want to make the most of your Team GPP™ membership? Join the GPP Training Center™ and receive coached specialized workouts year round (inside and outside)