Ironman Racine Award
GPP Endurance


Coached Group Training Opportunities​​

  • MONDAY - Rush Speed sessions at Old Tiger Stadium (at 6pm)
  • ​TUESDAY -
    • Summer Hill Repeats (at 6pm)
    • Winter Team Trainer Ride (GPP Training Center™ at 6pm)
    • Summer Open Water Swims at Prairie Creek (at 6pm)
    • Winter Team Pool Swim (GPP Training Center™ at 6:15pm)
  • THURSDAY - Road & Mountain Bike Rides led by GPP Cycling™ in Rogers and Bella Vista
  • SATURDAY - Morning outdoor/trainer ride (at 8am)
    • ​location determined by weather
  • SUNDAY - WALMART/GPP Cycling™ Team led recovery ride from GPP Cycling (at 1pm)

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